Venturesome Inc

Good Business. Comprehensive Solutions.

With foundations in the real estate industry, Venturesome has grown to encompass a number of companies in a variety of complementary fields. By focusing on our mission to turn visions into reality, we work with—and in—startups to provide cashflow, systems infrastructure, imagination, and experience to grow and develop business opportunities. Oftentimes, the easiest opportunities are those seen by all. We take the road less traveled in order to find unique and diverse offerings that make the world of business a better place.


Love Work. Love Life.

With an admittedly obsessive work ethic, Zach started working for a neighbor who flipped houses in the Denver metro area at a very young age. He was brought on as a managing member of his first real-world venture, Matik&Co., while still in high school and has never wavered from his entrepreneurial goals since. At 18 he became the youngest licensed agent to sell real estate in Colorado history. His newfound love of real estate sealed his destiny. In the same year, Zach completed a number of his own real estate investments and built a construction trade business from the ground up. Never one to follow the beaten path, Zach is driven by identifying a need in the market and figuring out how to fill it. With his fourth company recently launched, Zach’s goal is to continue diversifying the Venturesome portfolio by adding unique value to the marketplace and to the lives of the employees who make it all possible.

Zach Garfias

Zach Garfias
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Smart Contracts. Smooth Transactions.

Real estate professionals, and their clients, needed a modern, intuitive platform to navigate the residential and commercial transaction process. From this not-so-simple need to fill, eGent was born. Founded in a desire to make the state-specific contracting process straightforward and organized, brokerage firms can cut costs and increase overall efficiency, transaction coordinators maximize transaction volume, clients can stay in the know, and agents remain the professionals. We provide personalized, 24/7 support with vast product and industry knowledge. Through key partnerships and pioneering innovation, we have been able to provide unique value to the real estate industry. We believe that technology requires continuous innovation to remain best in class.

Alliance Demo & Cleanup Solutions

Your Mess. Our Mission.

With hundreds of successful projects along the Colorado front range, Alliance Demo & Cleanup Solutions brings vast experience to your residential or commercial renovation project. Contractors and homeowners trust our honesty as well as our commitment to providing a stress-free demolition process. We pride ourselves on being extremely detail oriented and prompt so that your home, investment property, or workplace is delivered back to you on time as a clear canvas, ready for the next step of your renovation.

Venturesome Capital

Viable Solutions. Informed Decisions.

Unpayable debt creates heartache and frustration. When things go south with a loan, Venturesome Capital can help. We work with various types of non-performing assets to create a win-win outcome through creative investing. As the bridge between lender and borrower, we exist to find a diplomatic resolution that meets all parties' needs.

Matik Metal

Superior Craftsmanship. Unmatched Precision.

Founded in 2013, Matik Metal Innovation is a fabrication company specializing in architectural steel and custom furnishings. We believe your designs should stand the test of time and be brought to life with passion and dedication. From concept to installation, we work with each client to ensure they receive the quality work they want and the customer satisfaction they deserve.